Build Your Email List

I put this tutorial guide together as a “How to” or “Step-by-step” showing you how to build your very own email list!

Without a doubt, email marketing is one of the most profitable ways of making money online, but it takes work and know how, and I’m going to show you exactly how to build your email list and maximize your profits!

What’s stopping you from building your email list in the next 30 minutes?

What You Will Learn

  1. Step by step over my shoulder training on how to build your email list
  2. How to put everything you need in place
  3. How to put thousands of subscribers on your list
  4. Increase your opt in rates
  5. Maximize your profits from your email lists

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How To Build Your Email List

Resources Used In This Tutorial

Getting Started

First things first.

You need to have chosen a niche you want to enter. Your choice should involve at least some level of passion or interest in your chosen niche, otherwise you could soon find yourself becoming bored.

Here are a few niches which are popular.

  • Make money online
  • Health & fitness
  • Financial
  • Dating
  • Gaming

Now, essentially you should drill even further and select a sub niche to focus on. This enables you to not only build a more targeted email list but also maximize your profits as your targeted list will be hot on your sub niche!

Here’s a couple of examples.

  • Make money online – Affiliate marketing, Email marketing, eCommerce, Social media marketing.
  • Health & fitness – Diet, Weight loss, Muscle building, Yoga.
  • Financial – Forex, Penny stocks, Real estate, Auto loans.
  • Dating – Mature dating, Gay & lesbian, Casual, Sexual.
  • Gaming – Video games, Online gaming, RPG.

These are just a few examples. You can dig even deeper, or you may already have your niche in mind.

There are 2 main ways in which I am going to show you how to collect and build your subscribers on your email list.

  1. Opt in forms – These are forms placed on your website which are there to encourage website visitors to enter their name and email address into your opt in form, usually in exchange for a free gift or information (more on that later).
  2. Squeeze page/Landing page – This is a separate page in which you drive traffic to and is purely set up to capture email addresses of visitors. Take a look at one of mine here –

Domain & Hosting

OK, time to get down to it!

We first need to get a domain name and hosting service.

I prefer D9 Hosting because they have a superb reputation, have been around for a good number of years and have a very reliable uptime. Plus their service comes with a free domain at no extra cost!

Here’s what you need to do:

Go to D9 Hosting and select ‘Order now’ on the package you want (I recommend starting off on the shared package), then enter the domain name you want and click “Click to continue”.



Then fill out the rest of the information when prompted.

If you have any issues, D9 offer live chat support which you can use if you get stuck! They are more than helpful!

That’s the domain and hosting taken care of, now you need to set up your Blog so you can place opt in forms on your site to build your email list.

This is just a simple case of installing WordPress which you can follow the instructions of the simple one click website builder within your D9 Hosting account.

Look out for a tutorial in the near future which I will be showing you how to set up and monetize your own Blog!

Setting Up Aweber

Aweber is one of the best autoresponders out there. Its very simple to use with a load of tutorial videos which show you how to do everything. At the time of writing this you can get Aweber for $1 for the first 30 days… Bargain!

Click ‘Create new list’. You will be taken to a page like the image below.

Basic Settings


Here you choose the name and the description of your email list.

The list description is what your subscribers will see if they click unsubscribe from your email list. You need to make this short and snappy. Tell them what they will be missing out on!



I have blocked out my contact address. This is simply where you put your living street address, by law you need to list it.

I always recommend that you use an email address connected with your domain and avoid using gmail, yahoo and hotmail. It looks better coming from a private email address rather than a free email account.

Personalize Your List


This next step is personalizing your list. Here you can put your website and integrate your Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts lets you post your subscriber emails to those accounts. This is great for bringing a little extra attention to your affiliate promotion emails.

There is a section at the bottom of this page displayed on the above image called ‘Global Text Snippets’. I personally don’t use this section. It lets you easily change text in your snippets. For example if you had a brick and mortar store then you could put the opening times in the footer of the email.

If you then changed your opening times then you could easily change the times in all your messages just by altering the global text snippets.

Then hit next.

Confirmed Opt In


The next image below is on the confirmed opt in section.

This is where we decide whether you will be using double opt in or single opt in. People have different views on this.

Double opt in means that when someone opts into your opt in form, they are sent a confirmation email from your autoresponder which asks them to click the link and confirm that they requested information from you.

Your unsubscribe rates should be lower when using double opt in and even your open rates will be higher as the subscriber clearly wants to receive emails from you as they took two actions to subscribe.

First they opted in, then they went to their email address and confirmed that they subscribed.

The downside to double opt in and the reason why many just use single opt in is down to the fact that you lose quite a few subscribers when asking them to check their email to confirm.

Single opt in means, they opt in and thats it, they are now subscribed to your email list.


The top part of the above image is where you craft your confirmation message. This is the first message sent to your subscriber which asks them to confirm.

You select an email subject and then edit your message as to what you want it to say. Its always good to personalize your emails, using your subscribers name. We will look into opt in fields a little later.

Then below the confirmation message you can see ‘Require opt-in’ with an on/off button. I have selected mine off as I want this list to be single opt in. If you also want single opt in then you don’t need to touch the confirmation message above.

The final section is ‘Success page’. This is a URL you can put in which the subscriber will go to after confirming that they opted in. Only use this if you are using double opt in!

Usually this would be a thank you page, thanking your subscribers for opting in. It could also be a page where they can download their free gift if you are giving one away. Or it could also be an OTO page where your subscribers are presented with a one time offer which is too good to pass up! (More on that later)

OK, thats the basics of your list set up!

 Setting Up Your Sign Up Forms


In your Aweber members area you will see a tab called ‘Sign up forms’. Making sure that you have the correct email list selected in the drop down list in the top left, click the tab to set up your first form.

You will then be able to create your first opt in form. Aweber have a ton of templates to use. I personally use Optimizepress 2 for my Blog theme which gives me the ability to create my own opt in forms and integrate my Aweber account with them.

Thats my preference, you can use the Aweber templates just fine.

Find a template which stands out to you, and which would make you want to subscribe to!


You can edit any part of the template, for the above example you can remove the arrows, the name field or any other bit. Just hover over the part you want to remove and an X will appear.

You can also edit what the fields say. Hover over the email box field and click edit. Then remove the word email from the label and enter it into the value box. This just takes the word email from sitting on top of the field and instead puts it inside.

Once you have your sign up form ready to go, save it and move on to the next step.

Sign Up Form Basic Settings


Now we need to choose a name for your sign up form. A simple name would be my blog form or [sitename] form.

You have an option to enable Facebook registration. This enables people to simply subscribe to your email list with the email address they are registered to Facebook with. If they are already logged into Facebook then this is a very time efficient way of doing things. It also goes hand in hand with Leadpages.

Selecting your ‘Thank you page’ is exactly how it sounds. Selecting a page which your subscribers will be taken to after opting in to your sign up form.

Aweber have a basic version you can use which looks like this:


I prefer to create my own ‘Thank you page’. You can easily do this by adding a new page within your WordPress dashboard and create the page. Then enter the URL to that page where prompted by Aweber.

Then save your form and move to the next step.



Select ‘I will install my form’ and ensuring you are on the ‘Raw HTML version’ copy all of the HTML code in the box. Then head back over to your WordPress dashboard, select appearance, then widgets. Select a text widget and drag it over to your sidebar. Then paste the HTML code into the text widget.

Visit your site to make sure it has worked.

Congrats! Your first opt in form is alive and kicking!

Now its time to write a few follow up emails which we will go into after looking at squeeze pages.

Opt-in Pages with Leadpages

Leadpages is by far the BEST tool I have ever used for creating squeeze pages. It has multiple functions to create a range of different pages from squeeze, sales pages, thank you pages, webinar registration pages and a whole host of other superb pages!

I will be posting a detailed review of Leadpages in the near future.

So after logging into your Leadpages members area. Select ‘Templates’ and then select ‘Opt-in pages’

Here’s a screenshot of just 6 of the 70+ templates available here.


There is a massive range for you to choose from. You can choose a template and then edit it to what you want.

Squeeze pages or Opt-in pages work best if you have something to giveaway in return for your subscriber opting in.

Lets say your site is related to weight loss. Then a good free giveaway would be a ’12 week plane to dropping 30 lbs’ eBook, make sense?

You would then tailor your squeeze/opt in page to suit your free giveaway.

Another great thing about Leadpages is that you don’t necessarily need your own hosting to have your own squeeze pages. Leadpages will host your pages for free! Or if you do want your pages to appear on your domain, its a simple case of just installing the Leadpages WordPress plugin and connecting your account and pages.

So, how do you get a free giveaway?

I’m a huge fan of PLR (Private label rights). Products which have been created by others but with PLR mean you can use them to do what you want with them. Edit them, change the creator/author name to yours, rename, rebrand and all that jargon.

Here is the PLR site I use – Master Resale Rights

An alternative would be to create your own short eBook or report. It doesn’t have to be a massive eBook. A few pages full of valuable content is enough!

So, now you have your opt-in page created in Leadpages and also your free giveaway. Now you can create a ‘Thank you page’ using Leadpages.

Leadpages is so simple to use, it really is a case of ‘drag and drop’.

Here is an example screenshot of a very simple opt-in page which took me 3 MINUTES to create with Leadpages.

leadpages2Once a subscriber opts in they are then taken to my thank you page, thanking them for subscribing. They then receive an email  which contains the link which they need to visit to claim their free giveaway. In this case a free video training series.

Traffic To Your Opt-in Pages


Here is a list of some of the methods in which you can drive traffic to your opt in pages. The majority of these methods also work driving traffic to your blog also.

  • Solo ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Other PPC
  • Youtube videos
  • Forum signature
  • Banner ads
  • Social media

There are other methods but the above are in my opinion the most effective. The easiest and fastest way to get subscribers on your email list is to use paid advertising.

Solo ads and Facebook ads are the 2 methods which have boosted my email list massively and in short space of time.

If you have the money, then paid ads are definitely the way to go. If not, don’t worry about it. You can use free methods like Youtube videos to drive traffic to your Opt-in page.

One more great thing I want to mention about Leadpages is the easy to read conversion stats. Leadpages tells you how well your opt-in pages are converting at. This allows you to alter and edit them if they are under performing.

Here’s a screenshot of the overview conversion rate of the opt-in page I showed you above.


All of the traffic up until now has been from 5 Youtube videos. 53 subscribers from 101 page views is pretty good! Especially as its completely free traffic!

OK, at this point you have your own blog setup with opt-in forms. An autoresponder account with a sign up form. You also have a Leadpages account with an opt-in page offering a free giveaway!

You now know a few sources in which you can drive traffic from! Which we will look at more a little later.

Writing Your Emails

You may think is the easy bit. All you have to do is write an email, send it and hey presto!

Well, its a little different actually. THIS part is the most important part, PERIOD!

In order to to be an effective email marketer you need to be able to build relationships and trust with your subscribers. This not only lets your subscribers know that you’re actually a real person to, but also will improve open rates and click through rates as if you do it right, your subscribers will be eagerly awaiting your emails!

We are going to jump back to setting up Aweber. We have everything set up.

Now, we need to create a follow up sequence.

Select the tab ‘Messages’ and click ‘Create your first follow up’.

Remember to make sure you have the correct email list selected in the drop down tab.

Your first follow up email, is going to be the first email that your subscribers receive after opting in to your email list.

This is a welcome and thank you email. Here is an example email of something I would send.


So, the first step is your title.



Your title in any email you send, needs to be short but attention grabbing! Think of it like this, your subscriber could potentially be subscribed to dozens of other email lists. You want your emails to stand out from the crowd! Get my drift?

Our first follow up email is a welcome and thank you so thats all it needs to say really.



So, this being our first follow up email we should thank them and also introduce ourself. You should also give them an inkling into what benefits they will get out of being subscribed to your email list.

You can see from the image above that the first thing I do is thank them for subscribing and putting their trust in me. I also throw in that I will be providing excellent content.

I then introduce myself and give the a short overview of my time online. You need to be honest here, I can’t imagine their being too many people who just waltzed into the niche they are in and had instant success.

The goal here is to relate to your subscriber. For me in the Make Money Online niche, 97% of marketers fail or are failing. I can relate to that as I spent 9 months doing the same, in fact its only these last couple of months that I have started to see money coming in in the way of profit!



This is where you sign off. A lot of people have a little catchphrase sort of thing they use. I’m happy saying whatever I feel at that moment of writing the email.

As this is the first email, I also would put links to my Facebook and Twitter accounts and ask subscribers to connect with me there also.

Building Trust And Relationships


Your next few follow up emails should be packed full of value. Focus on relating to your subscribers and gaining their trust. You want to try and stand out as an expert in your chosen niche.

Another important part which you should inject into all of your emails is your personality! Don’t write like a robot. However also be aware of who your target audience is.

I usually have 5 follow up emails in my sequence. Every subscriber receives these in the order I have them.

  1. Welcome, thank you and introduction email
  2. Further introduce myself and direct them to my about me page
  3. Give overview of the one method that works for me (Direct to blog post about method?)
  4. Continue to build trust by providing further value by directing to a training video
  5. Continue to build trust and give a free training report away

I don’t like long winded follow up sequences and prefer to just have a few. The rest of my emails I send out as broadcasts which we go into in a minute.

These 5 emails are purely there to build trust and confidence between my subscribers and me.

If you don’t have any value to provide then do one of two things. Either go research and go from there. Or explain that you have found a superb article written by a blogger and direct them to that article. Don’t worry about sending them away from your site as if the article is truly superb then they will appreciate the fact you sent them there.

Broadcast Emails


Hover over the ‘Messages’ tab and select ‘Broadcasts’. Then select ‘Create first broadcast’.

OK, so you have started to build your relationship with your list and have already established a decent amount of trust. You can now start testing out how responsive your list is to affiliate promotions.

Here is the ONE thing you should always do when sending an affiliate promotion.

Make sure you test the product out first and see if it is going to benefit your list!

Not only will this make you more money, as your list will benefit from it. Also it will lower your unsubscribe rate significantly!

If you are just promoting any old affiliate product then you will rapidly see your subscribers giving you the finger!

Make sure you tell them within the email that you yourself have tested the product and you think its outstanding and would massively benefit your subscribers business or health or whatever it is.

Remember also that you are still building trust within your emails, so do NOT write a salesy email. For a lot of affiliate products out there, the creator usually provides affiliate tools which consist of pre-written emails. Not only do these emails appear salesy but if your subscriber suddenly receives 7 emails from different people all with the same email, it just doesn’t look good.

A much better way of writing your email would first to give an example and a little story as to a problem which many of your subscribers face. You could relate to it yourself. Then provide the solution which would be the affiliate product, explain the benefits and how it can help your subscribers.

You could also explain about a way of making money and then promote your affiliate product and tell your subscribers that this exact product can help you with this method.

See what I’m saying?

Email Frequency


There is always a debate on how often you should email your list.

In honesty its up to you.

I know people who email 3 times a day!

I know people in mail once per day.

Once per week.

Once per month!

What you need to remember is you want to stay fresh in your subscribers memory. If you leave it too long then the chances of them forgetting you or finding some other pot of value is high!

I send out emails to a list 5 x per week.

The reason I say a list and not my list is something we will come onto right now.

You’re done! I have guided you through the process of setting up your very own email list!

You are now equipped and ready to explode your email marketing profits!

Don’t forget to subscribe below to receive weekly updates on new tutorials and reviews!

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There is one other important tip that I want you to know before you go building a giant powerhouse email list!

And that is >>> List Segmentation!

I have actually written a blog post going into detail about this which you can read here – Secret to becoming a successful email marketer


This is a big one of mine.

My favourite affiliate products are those with recurring monthly fee’s. Which means that if you make affiliate sales then you receive that commission every month as long as your subscribers stay active with that product.

Its a great way of bringing the pennies in!


Whilst we are on the subject of affiliate products.

Another big one of mine, is to promote high ticket products.

High ticket products are the more expensive ones.

Low ticket – $0 – $99

Medium ticket – $100 – $999

High ticket – $1000+

Think of it like this:

You have an email list of 1000 subscribers.

You send out an email promoting a low ticket item with a $10 commission per item sold.

You get a 10% conversion rate meaning 100 subscribers bought it making you $1000!

Pretty good right?

Well what about this then:

You then send out another promotion a few days later to your list of 1000.

Its a high ticket product and has a staggering $1000 commission per sale.

The prices are much higher so its only natural that you won’t sell as many.

Still though, 5 subscribers buy it netting you a cool $5000 in commissions!

Point being here is its much easier to sell 5 x $1000 than it is to sell 100 x $10!

What Next?

Now you TAKE ACTION! Drive traffic to both your blog and your opt-in pages. Focus on building trust with your subscribers and you will succeed!

Resources Used In This Tutorial


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