How To Recruit Affiliates & JV’s To Promote Your Launch

how to recruit affiliatesI was speaking to a friend a few days back on Facebook. Like myself he’s also new to Internet Marketing, we regularly stay in touch and update each other about what we are up to and the progress we have made and help each other out. Sort of like an accountability partner. One of the plus points in our regular chats is that 2 minds are better than one right? I sometimes find myself too focused on one certain aspect, which means I miss or don’t think off other aspects, my friend often brings a new perspective to the table.

Anyway, we are both planning to launch our very own products in the next few months and got onto the VERY important subject of how to recruit affiliates and joint venture partners to promote our product launches. A quick brainstorm and we had chosen 4 of the best methods which we could focus on.

Recruiting affiliates and JV’s is in my opinion the most important step of any product launch. You could have the best product out there, the most intriguing sales copy which could  convert anyone into a buyer. But, if you don’t have any affiliates or JV’s promoting then you’re not going to get much traffic to your sales page!

It;s also quite often a step which is rushed. For a new marketer looking to launch their first product or first few products we should definitely be spending at least 4 weeks on looking for affiliates. Better still would be at least 6 weeks. For more established marketers, who already have a number of successful launches under their belt, its a different story. They can quite easily get affiliates and JV’s who have previously promoted their launches and also new ones due to their reputation.

That being said, in my opinion you still need to be alerting affiliates about the dates of your launch as early as possible. Most will have a schedule of launches that they are promoting. the chances of them having an opening to promote your launch with 1 weeks notice is slim right?

So, the 4 methods which stood out and which we will be focusing on are as follows.

JV Reciprocation

You often see marketers saying they will reciprocate, meaning that if you promote their launch then they will return the favour and promote yours. This is possibly the best method of landing those big JV’s who could potentially get you 100’s of sales! The question is though…

How can a new marketer with no list or with only a small list carry this out?

Its a good question, I contemplated this and asked the “Bigger boys” (Kevin & Perry style) what their thoughts were. The majority actually said that if they saw that you were at least trying and sending traffic to their sales page then that would be enough for them to reciprocate, bearing in mind that they may only be able to devote 1 or 2 emails to support your launch.

What to do if you don’t have an email list to support other marketers launches? Well, there are a tonne of ways. The best methods would be paid traffic. Facebook Ads, Other social media ads, Banner ads and Solo ads. Free methods could be Social media posts, Forums, and advertising on your own sites.

The important thing to remember when approaching people to promote your launch is to not just barge in and blurt out “Can you promote my launch”. If you don’t know them, then spend a little time getting to know them. One thing I have come to realize is that although most successful marketers are super busy, they always have time to help a less experienced marketer out and point them in the right direction.

Social Media Groups / Forums

Pretty straight forward, its what I see a lot of on Facebook. I also have seen groups for JV’s & Affiliates on LinkedIn and Google+. However, Facebook definitely is the one with most.

Use the search bar on Facebook and just put joint venture, affiliates, JV and other keywords which you would associate, product launch etc. Select groups and you have a list of groups which you can join. When its time to promote affiliates and you have your JV page/blog set up you can post the link in these groups with a brief overview of the launch funnel, product and of course % of commissions they will receive.

On certain forums you will also find threads/sections dedicated to recruiting affiliates. Warrior forum has its own section for JV’s.

Don’t go crazy with this, one post in each group every couple of days otherwise you’re just going to piss people off.

Search Engines

This is quite a nifty little idea which I came across after reading an eBook by a very successful marketer. It involves you taking several of the keywords from your product. Lets say its in the weight loss niche, and focusing on a method which you can lose 1 stone in 30 days. You could pick out keywords – lose weight, lose weight fast, fat loss methods etc etc. Then take each keyword and individually put them in google search.  The results come back, check out the results on the right, the paid results. See who is advertising there for these keywords.

Check their site/page out, if they have an opt in form or squeeze page or their own product then they will have an email list. They should also have a contact us option. Send an email to let them know about your upcoming launch and about your product and it will suit their list to the ground yada yada. I would refrain from sending the link to your JV page, instead wait for a reply. If they reply yes and want more info then send the link to your JV page.

Digital Platforms

Head over to other digital platforms, the main ones being JVzoo and Clickbank. There are a whole load more, but as of now these 2 are probably the most popular. Search for products in your niche and do exactly as you did in the previous method in the search engines.

Thats it, 4 methods which given enough time should rake you in a whole load of affiliates!

Remember with recruiting affiliates, you need to make it worthwhile for them. No one is going to promote your product for nothing in return, or for a measly %. Most front end products that are sub $20 usually go for 100% commissions. Above $20, usually 50%. It is up to you but the main benefit for you will come from adding buyers to your email list, not from the initial sales of your product.

As always, I hope you got some value. I would love to hear your thoughts and of course would very much appreciate you sharing on your social networks!

If you want to connect with me further and stay up to date with my tips and techniques as well as getting free access to my blogging 2 profits eBook then just subscribe below!

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  • May 12, 2014

Hey hey! I'm Thomas, a job-hating part-time Internet Marketer content on breaking free from the 9-5 rat race shackles and finally achieving the dream of complete freedom.

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Jim Martin - May 13, 2014


Love the search engine one. Always knew about the paid adverts, but never thought about signing up to those with opt-in forms and using this as a bit of “reverse list-building.”

Definitely something I am going to do!

Speak soon!


    Thomas - May 14, 2014

    Awesome Jim! Glad to have added a little value for you! Its so important to get as many affiliates & JV’s as possible, the more you have, the more traffic you will get to your sales page, the more sales you will make!

Miso - May 14, 2014

Hi Thomas,

I am far from searching JV’s but it is definitely good to make positive relationship with other marketer, better sooner then latter. Great tips by the way.



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