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3 Easy Ways To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing On Your Blog

make money with affiliate marketingBy far, in my opinion, affiliate marketing is the highest earning option when it comes to making money with your blog. There are literally a ton of other ways which you can make money but none quite cut the mustard compared to the power of affiliate marketing.

I’m going to run through 3 simple yet effective ways in which you can turn your blog into a money making machine with affiliate marketing!

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

1. Create a “Recommended Products & Tools” Page

This is so simple, it makes me wonder why everyone doesn’t have one of these on their own blog already?! Its basically a page with an ATM firing money at you willy nilly. You can set up one page with all your recommended products & tools which are essential for running your own online business or whichever niche you are in, with your affiliate links of course!

So, lets take my page, which is FOUND HERE.

I only recommend products & tools which I use and honestly believe will benefit my readers. I have links to domain registrar, hosting service, autoresponder and a few other products which will help. These are essential for starting your own online business, blog or website.

As you establish yourself as an expert in your niche, your readers will trust your opinions and recommendations. This page will be one of the most visited pages on your blog. People are always curious to see what products & tools you use, to see if they are missing an important tool or product.

Make sure that the products & tools you recommend you have tried and tested it, therefore you are able to give an honest recommendation. Every time you recommend a product, your reputation is put on the line. The last thing you want is for a load of your followers getting pissed off as your recommendation was a shocker of a product! Thats a fast track to losing followers and money!

Picture this, the products I recommend on my page are mainly recurring commissions, meaning they are monthly payments for the buyer. Hosting & Autoresponders are usually a monthly payment, if 100 people choose to purchase their Autoresponder through my link then that gives me a nice monthly income, every single month!

2. Product Reviews

I personally have not really used this method, however I know a whole load of people who have and to great effect. There are some excellent websites out there that just mainly focus on product reviews.

This works perfectly in the “Make money online” niche. There are literally hundreds of new products released every week that claim to be the next best things and make you an overnight millionaire, yadda, yadda, yadda…

There are some really good products released, sadly though the majority are utter garbage! But that doesn’t stop people from buying them. Lets take a look at how you could make this work…

You could write a product review once per month. Choose a product to review, purchase it and try it out for the rest of that month. If its a money making method, follow the steps and see if you make money with it. At the end of the month, write an honest review about it. Was it easy to follow? were there any problems? Did you make money? etc etc. If it was a positive review, then you can place your affiliate link in the review and encourage others to purchase it through your link. Then choose another product to review.

This is a great way to make money with affiliate marketing as you are writing an honest and educational blog post which is letting potential buyers know exactly what they are going to get from the product.

Remember, never write a review about a product you have never used yourself, and always place your affiliate link in a positive review. Don’t be afraid to let your readers know that the link is your affiliate link.

3. Build an email list

This is my ultimate favourite way in which to make money with affiliate marketing. If you have not already started building your list then you really need to prioritize and start immediately!

Ever heard the phrase…

“The money is in the list”

Well, it is very much true!

In brief, by placing an opt in form on your blog or multiple opt in forms, you can offer a free gift in exchange for your readers email address. Usually, the gift is an eBook or similar which could be focused on “How to” or Training guides on related subjects in your niche.

You need an Autoresponder to build your email list, I personally use Aweber, who have an abundance of training videos showing you exactly how to set up everything. Its perfect for newbies and the less technical of us out there!

You need to have an Autoresponder follow up sequence set up ready. I strongly suggest forgetting the initial concept that you are trying to make money from your subscribers for now. Instead focus on building a relationship with your subscribers, gaining their trust and providing them with value.

Your first email should be a thank you for opting in to your email list and a link to the free gift if you have not already given one. Your second email should be sent the next day and could be an introduction to yourself, even a link to your about me page on your site. The next few emails should be full of value, don’t hold anything back. The more value you provide, the more likely your subscribers are going to open and read your emails, in fact they will look forward to receiving them. You need to stand out from all the other Marketers who may fill their inboxes.

Once you feel comfortable that you have built a relationship with your subscribers you can then begin to monetize your email list.

Remember to mix it up. If you were constantly bombarded with salesy promotional emails, would you stay subscribed? Nope!

Find a balance and stick to it. Say you send 5 emails per week. You could send 2 or 3 promotional ones and 2 or 3 value packed ones.

Its also important to know what your promoting to your email list. Make sure its relevant to what their interested in. If they opted in to your list in exchange for a free training guide on how to market on Facebook, then you should assume that they are interested in Facebook marketing and social media so you could start with products in that niche.

You can also survey your list, in fact this is hugely important. By doing this you can send a list of questions, which could include “What would you most want to learn about” with a list of answers “Social media, Blogging, Software, List building, Video marketing” etc. Survey monkey are used a lot for this, and you can also use google docs.

OK, so there you have it!

3 easy ways to make money with affiliate marketing on your blog. I hope you got value from this, if you did then please leave a comment and use the social media icons to share it!

Also, feel free to connect with me and opt in below to receive the latest updates and tips from me!


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  • May 1, 2014

Hey hey! I'm Thomas, a job-hating part-time Internet Marketer content on breaking free from the 9-5 rat race shackles and finally achieving the dream of complete freedom.

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Rich Emmett - May 1, 2014

Great post Thomas – thanks very much for the suggestions. I like the idea that you only recommend products and tools that you use yourself. I’ve bookmarked your site and I’ll be visiting often for more great recommendations!

Elaine Summers - May 2, 2014

Thought provoking post Thomas, will be taking some of this onboard. Especially the 1st note in creating a Recommended Products and Tools page. I agree with the building up of relationship with the subscriber this is essential if they are going to stay with you long term.
Will be checking back soon to see if any other tips I can utilise.

    Thomas - May 3, 2014

    Hi Elaine, glad that you got value from this post. Absolutely, building a relationship with your readers and subscribers is paramount. Thanks for the comment, and please do stop by again soon!

Jamie Miller - May 2, 2014

Great Blog Post! I really like the idea of adding a page that recommends products and tools that you use. I think that is a great way to not only make money for yourself, but you are also helping people know what products you use and trust that will help them.



    Thomas - May 3, 2014

    Hey Jamie, nail on the head! Its really important that products/tools/services which you recommend, have been tried and tested by yourself. As you mentioned, recommending products which you use and trust! Thanks for stopping by!

Torsten Müller - May 4, 2014

Hi Thomas,

I love your post and especially the fact that you only recommend products that you know and use yourself. Too many people out there are just after the commission and promote – in this case you can’t even call it recommend – every shiny object that pops up and promises to make some money.
In the long run it pays off to recommend only useful products that can help our audience rather than just filling up a marketer’s pocket.


    Thomas - May 5, 2014

    Thanks Torsten! You’re right, there are many marketers out there that just promote and recommend products without even knowing what they are. The opposite is there are also a lot of marketers who actually do take the time to review the product and know what its about to see if its a fit for their audience and will help them with their business, this is in my opinion the way to do it. As you mention, in the long run it definitely will pay off!

Miso - May 5, 2014

Hi Tomas,

I share the opinion from others who also commented this great post…need to add a “Recommended Products” page on my blog too. It is definitely wort to have it.


    Thomas - May 5, 2014

    Hey Miso,

    I’m glad that you got value from this post. It really is surprising how many hits your recommend products page can get. I pretty much always check out other blogs recommended pages to see what their using to build their business etc.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Mirko Casagrande - May 15, 2014

great tips Thomas, thanks for sharing

Michael Leng - May 31, 2014

Hi! Thomas, I get through your site from digital forum.
Thanks anyway for your article that it value to me too for improving by blog.


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