Secret to Becoming A Successful Email Marketer

So, you want to become a successful email marketer right?email_marketer

I don’t blame you! Email marketing is in my eyes, the most effective method to make money online, period!

However, there is much more to email marketing than just building an email list and then promoting affiliate products to that list, a WHOLE lot more!

Now, I’m going to assume that you know the basics of building an email list. I’ll skim over it briefly.

Email marketing goes like this:

First off you need a couple of tools. You need an autoresponder, hosting and a squeeze page builder. Check out my Essential Tools page to see what I use.

You then need to create an email campaign within your autoresponder. I use Aweber and highly recommend it! It’s fairly straight forward to create an email campaign and any decent autoresponder will have tutorials for you to watch and learn.

Then create your squeeze page. Now I cannot praise Leadpages enough right now! It is an absolute GEM! It literally takes a couple of minutes to create a professional and attractive squeeze page. After integrating your autoresponder to your squeeze page, you are good to go!

What you do then is drive traffic to test your squeeze page. Using paid traffic such as solo ads, facebook ads etc. If it converts well then you have a good squeeze page. If it doesn’t convert then make changes, the header, the body, the giveaway?

Anyway, I said I assumed you know how to build an email list so I’m going to stop going on about the basics!


Every Email Marketer Should Be Doing This…


I am now going tell you the one method (which is massively overlooked, even by the ‘gurus’) which could be the factor between you making a few $’s and making thousands of $’s!

It’s going to shock n awe you! Ready?

Dun, Dun, Dunnnnn!


Thank you and good night!

Ha, so what the heck am I on about, list segmentation?

Let me put it like this.

Email Marketer 1

One email marketer (Bert) begins his list building campaign. He creates one email campaign within his autoresponder and gets to work building his list. He then adds a paid product as an OTO which after a subscriber opts in to Bert’s squeeze page, they will be taken straight to the OTO page.

Bert also creates and introduces other products to his ever growing email list! He creates software, plugins, products on ‘how to market on Facebook’ and a whole host of other topics! Bert has a HUGE list and he makes a decent amount of money through promoting affiliate products to his one HUGE list! But, see if you can tell where he made a cock up?

Email Marketer 2

Another email marketer (Gertrude) also begins building her email list around the same time as Bert. She follows pretty much the same initial path as Bert but with a twist! Gertrude realizes that full profit potential will be greater if she segments her list. So, she first creates a list offering a free piece of software, that list grows well. She then offers a free facebook marketing guide which really goes well. She now has 2 separate lists.

Gertrude then chooses to introduce her own products just like Bert. She creates a PDF on CPA marketing and sells it creating another separate list. She also creates a product on Video marketing and again sells it and again creates another list. Gertrude has 4 lists now. When she comes to promoting affiliate products she can laser target what her list wants. She can email her software email list with the latest software out, she can email her facebook list with the latest facebook training, her CPA list with the latest training in that niche and her video marketing list with the latest video creator or Youtube product!

Now let me tell you this.

If Bert was to email his one list 4 times per day he would face a super fast unsubscribe rate! No-one wants to be bombarded by emails right?

Whereas Gertrude on the other hand has 4 separate lists, she can email 4 times per day. Once to each of her lists.

Another thing you need to think about is Bert has a list made up of all different niche types. The chances that all his subscribers are going to be interested in the same thing are very slim.

Whereas again, Gertrude was clever enough to segment her list which gives her clear laser targeted lists. She knows one list loves software, another loves Facebook marketing, and so on.

Another thing I want to quickly point out is you should segment your buyers. Meaning if Gertrude was to promote a paid product of hers to one of her lists then any buyers of the product should be added to anew list (a buyers list).

There are options in Aweber which allow you to select that buyers be put in a new list and taken off the old one so they dont receive the same email.

So there you have it!

The secret to becoming a successful email marketer

Hope you take something away from this!

Any questions or queries then just leave a comment and I will get back to you.

I would also very much appreciate you sharing this on your social networks if you got value!

Peace & Prosperity!


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